floating away

For the longest time I can remember, jellyfishes have always fascinated me. I never truly understood ‘why’ until I saw them in real life for the first time – I felt they depicted the way most live their life in this world – just drifting and floating away lifelessly, being aimless with neither meaning nor purpose; with the mere goal of surviving to live to see another day. They make me want to slow down and observe my life in this world in slow motion – to learn, to reflect, to dream, to achieve and to have a fulfilling life – a complete opposite of everything they represent to be.


California Sunset

Ever since I lived in San Francisco Bay Area for few months many years back, I have been yearning of going back. Earlier this year, I finally got a chance to visit for a week. Soon after I landed my cousin and his wife cooked me a delicious meal and decided to take me to a nearby mountain – Mount Hamilton, which was an hour’s drive from Freemont.

We reached just the peak, just in time to witness the majestic golden sun, alone in the clear, in all its glory, starting to set beneath the cold pacific horizon, behind the silhouetted mountain ranges, amidst an ocean of dazzling orange-blue gradient skies. The sight was such – that time slowed down, our moods lit up; In that moment, while the birds chirped and people laughed, everything in the world seemed allright.


Dutch Countryside

After getting my dutch drivers license, I followed the most logical next step – I started driving. To say I am addicted would be an understatement as I ended up driving almost 5000kms in just 5 weekends. Thats more driving I did in a month than I ever did in my entire lifetime.

The beauty that the dutch dutch countryside is, serves to only increase my desire to explore even more. The supply of beautiful places reachable by road in short time, is simply endless. Words do no justice so here are some pictures.

Spijkerboor – one of my favorites where I reached by picking a random spot on the map


Leylestad – The dutch dub it as the most boring place and I find it serene.


Ijdikj near Muiden




Kinderdijk near Rotterdam


Beaches in Zeeland


Leylestad again at Sunset