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Sagres and the Atlantic

Recently I did a trip to Portugal. While I landed in Lisbon, after couple of days I was tempted to go see the Atlantic ocean and so I ended up renting a car and driving about 750kms in 2 days, all the way to the south-western most point and along the Atlantic coast of Portugal.

The main subject on my agenda was to see the coastal cliffs in the town called Sagres. The views brought back memories of Etretat in France, with the biggest difference being the splashing sounds of furious ocean waves.

Standing alone on a secluded beach was such a delight

I drove a little further to see the spectacular sunset from the light house

As the light waned, I made a reservation in a nearby hotel, where I woke up to spectacular blues – both in sight and in mood for I didn’t want to leave that place.

Now I look back, dream of the day I drive along this road again, back to those blues.


Unable to bear the colour of monotony that life seemed to be presenting me and being generally terribly uninspired, I decided to go somewhere to do something. After an abandoned attempt to go towards Groningen in the East, due to bad weather and slippery roads, I decided to drive towards Zeeland in the South to see Zeelandbrug which is the longest bridge in Netherlands. This is my second visit there and also the one where I actually managed to capture some long exposures, something I couldn’t do earlier as I had forgotten an important piece of equipment – the tripod, which for good measure now permanently resides in my car.

I wanted to make some hot soup and noodles here while I wait in the cold, so I packed my camping stove and some utensils, but ended up facing a minor setback in which I forgot to carry the said soup and noodle packets.


Bike trip to Marken

Marken is a tiny gorgeous¬†island town, about 30 km from Amsterdam. The last time I visited that place, I along with few friends took public transportation, but didn’t reach the light house as it required walking for few kilometers and not everyone was up for it.

Having recently purchased a road bike, this time I decided to bike to it and back – a total of 60kms – alone.

Light house

Before I could reach the Lighthouse in Marken, which is well connected by dedicated cycling paths, I had to bike through lots of small towns, marshes, fields and lots of bridges over canals and the famous dykes of dutch-land.





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