Monthly Archives: May 2014

Summer is here

The eternally endless, snowless, cold and disappointing winter has finally come to an end in Amsterdam. The streets now dazzle in the light till late in the night. The sun is out longer than it is down. There is more warmth than there is chill. There are more people outside than ever. Hey ho and hooray, the summer is here.

20140515-IMG_3002 20140515-IMG_2988 20140515-IMG_2993 20140515-IMG_2984

The grass is green


Flowers are full of colors

20140513-IMG_2943 20140512-IMG_2869 20140513-IMG_2959

Streets are flooded with shoppers and tourists


The streetlights are lit quite late in the night and yet, they seem to be too early


Waiting for life

So many people in the world are waiting for their life to turn around. People living in liberal countries, with power to change their circumstances wait for something exciting to happen in their lives. Many others in repressed totalitarian countries, wait for the lies to crumble and the facade for the outside world to fall. Everybody is looking to the sky wondering when their lives will change to bring them more happiness and better times

Everyone is waiting for life. I am waiting for life.

Here are some pictures that have evoked this feeling in me.

20140515-IMG_2991 20140513-IMG_2939 20140513-IMG_2963 20140512-IMG_2890 20140512-IMG_2867 20140512-IMG_2832 20140513-IMG_2907 20140513-IMG_2959

Retro sunset in Amsterdam

Gorgeous last rays of sunlight falling into the streets of Amsterdam, giving off the retro look of the ’60s, which in reality are at least couple of centuries old, on a Friday night made for a fantastic start for the weekend. It was a great day. The weekend is going to be even more amazing.