About Me

Wandering endlessly, walking aimlessly, getting lost and finding my way back, exploring places and impromptu trips bring me joy. Often I am at a loss for words to describe things I see. This blog is an attempt to express them in the form of pictures.

I live in Amsterdam and I enjoy shooting Travel/Lifestyle, Portrait, Architecture and Black & White styles. These days I rely on Sony A7iii camera and my favourite Fuji x100t. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my pictures as much as I did shooting them.

Occasionally I post on instagram (@pogoc) and flickr (@kalyan02) as well.

To say “Hi”, get in touch or collaborate, you can write me an email – [email protected] or [email protected]

-Kalyan Namburi

PS: Please don‘t use my photos without permission. If you would like to license my photos, write to me.

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