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Tea is another word for it, commonly used in the western world. To most, it is a hot beverage. I amongst many would describe it as a feeling. It never ceases to make everything – the look, the feel and the passage of time – ethereal. It shifts the state of life from the monotony of cell-phone and the instant messaging riddled world to that of just being – still and present.

On a rainy Sunday morning, my friend made some chai for us. We were all sitting by the window, sipping chai, watching the world go by. It was a surreal feeling.

Chocolate Muffins

A friend made amazing chocolate cake. I couldn’t help but make the muffin version of it. Recipe was fairly simple: 120g sugar, 75g flour and 3 eggs beaten together and later mixed with 200g melted chocolate and 100g butter. Baked at 180°C for 30m in a preheated oven.




Idli, my favorite food item, is a traditional south indian breakfast/snack item, made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented rice flour and black lentils. After 2 days of prep (grinding and fermenting), I finally made some idlis during the weekend which turned out to be fantastic. I also made Allam Pacchadi (Garlic chutney) and Sambar to go along with it.