Monthly Archives: June 2016

People watching

Cafes are one place where unexplainably  I experience quietness amidst a barrage of sounds and ambient noises, of waves of people going in and out; of conversations in groups or on phone; of the sounds of whizzing steam and brewing coffee. As my mind goes wandering and my heart starts contemplating, am lost in the solitude and reduced to a mere drop in an ocean of strangers, I love watching people.

For each stranger I glimpse at, am left cluelessly wondering – what is happening in their lives? Are they having a good day? what are they feeling? what is their life like? questions that will forever remain a mystery; questions that I always forget the moment they walk past.


Up and away

Places like Airports never cease to fill me with this familiar feeling of total awareness of surroundings so full of people going somewhere, drowned in their world of unsettling emotions, excited anticipations and wishful retrospections, as they wait to enter this portal called the airplane which after hours of solitude in the crowded discomfort and unfulfilling meals – would leave them in a whole different reality.

Today I fly back to Shanghai, to the familiar hard and exciting reality of life in China; with hopes of returning in a month for good, to this romantic beauty of a city that Amsterdam is, which forever will stay in my heart right beside my first love San Francisco