After the trip to Paris, I needed a break to settle in and to let the fact sink in, that I actually crossed an item off my bucket list. Most of my time went into the usual work, personal projects and editing photos. It was over a month, before I felt I was ready to travel again. One sunday, with all my friends down being lazy, it was becoming evident that the day’s plan to visit the Tilburg fair was not going to materialise, at which point I decided to take off alone to visit Delft – a very cute university town in the South of Holland.

Two trains and 45 minutes later, I was greeted by the sight of cycles…

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20130728-IMG_1279_5129 20130728-IMG_5063 20130728-IMG_1272

Alternate modes of transport

20130728-IMG_5006 20130728-IMG_5005 20130728-IMG_5117 20130728-IMG_5095

Gorgeous canals, most of which were calmer, narrower and prettier than those in Amsterdam

20130728-IMG_1245_1248 20130728-IMG_4998 20130728-IMG_4976 20130728-IMG_1258_5018 20130728-IMG_1267

Open parks and grounds

20130728-IMG_5072 20130728-IMG_5068 20130728-IMG_5051 20130728-IMG_4999

Shops and old buildings that look like they are making faces

20130728-IMG_1253 20130728-IMG_1281 20130728-IMG_1268 20130728-IMG_1240_1256