After reaching the station, I realised the train line to Zandvoort beach was closed. Hoping to find my way to some beach, I boarded the next available train and got off at Leiden. A train to Den Haag was arriving on the same platform and decided to take it, to go to the Scheveningen beach.

Clear skies and low winds, made way for one of the most spectacular of sunsets I’ve seen in a very long time. As I had left my camera gear home, I ended up capturing it on my phone.

2013-11-23_16.33.25 2013-11-23_16.58.05 2013-11-23_16.59.38 2013-11-23_16.59.51 2013-11-23_16.52.15
2013-11-23_16.53.49 2013-11-23_16.57.59