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Texel Island

After a failed attempt to take off to Giethoorn, me and a friend took off on an impromptu bike trip at the Texel Islands in the North of Holland. We reached the island after an hour on the train to Den Halder followed by a Boat ride to the island, not before accidentally trespassing into the adjacent military docks and eventually getting kicked out by the security personal who showed up out of nowhere figured we were harmless tourists who couldn’t read dutch.

We only managed to bike half of the island, along the incredible dutch country side, which in itself turned out to be a 35kms round trip. It being a sunday, we had to turn back, to be just in time for the last ferry.


Van Gogh Museum

This was my second visit to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and since I had already seen most of the art, I got to spend time looking at other things, while my friends did their browsing. I should admit, I found the architecture of the building more beautiful and enjoyable than the art pieces themselves. People predictably gave me confused looks, every time I aimed my camera in directions and towards places which seemingly had nothing to offer, for them to talk to their friends about.

20130824-IMG_5775 20130824-IMG_5777 20130824-IMG_5789 20130824-IMG_5790_5804 20130824-IMG_5781 20130824-IMG_5783 20130824-IMG_5810-2.jpg_.jpg_5814 20130824-IMG_5837



After the trip to Paris, I needed a break to settle in and to let the fact sink in, that I actually crossed an item off my bucket list. Most of my time went into the usual work, personal projects and editing photos. It was over a month, before I felt I was ready to travel again. One sunday, with all my friends down being lazy, it was becoming evident that the day’s plan to visit the Tilburg fair was not going to materialise, at which point I decided to take off alone to visit Delft – a very cute university town in the South of Holland.

Two trains and 45 minutes later, I was greeted by the sight of cycles…

20130728-IMG_4961_4962 20130728-IMG_4963 20130728-IMG_4970 20130728-IMG_4987 20130728-IMG_5127 20130728-IMG_5065


20130728-IMG_1279_5129 20130728-IMG_5063 20130728-IMG_1272

Alternate modes of transport

20130728-IMG_5006 20130728-IMG_5005 20130728-IMG_5117 20130728-IMG_5095

Gorgeous canals, most of which were calmer, narrower and prettier than those in Amsterdam

20130728-IMG_1245_1248 20130728-IMG_4998 20130728-IMG_4976 20130728-IMG_1258_5018 20130728-IMG_1267

Open parks and grounds

20130728-IMG_5072 20130728-IMG_5068 20130728-IMG_5051 20130728-IMG_4999

Shops and old buildings that look like they are making faces

20130728-IMG_1253 20130728-IMG_1281 20130728-IMG_1268 20130728-IMG_1240_1256