Football in Orange

Its the world-cup season and the entire country of Netherlands is living and breathing the Football by beginning the season with a revenge of 5-1 against Spain, the team it had lost the 2010 title to. As a result, the city of Amsterdam started getting drowned in a sea of orange everywhere.

Shops and houses, restaurants and streets were all decorated

20140623-IMG_4190 20140623-IMG_4189 20140623-IMG_4197 20140623-IMG_4198

Scooters and flowers weren’t spared either.

20140623-IMG_4192 20140623-IMG_4199

People were supporting by sporting orange everywhere, some in the big open areas setup with massive screens

20140623-IMG_4205 20140623-IMG_4208 20140623-IMG_4212 20140623-IMG_4216-2 20140623-IMG_4219

some others showed either in their own small ways


or by staring at scores in their phones away from the crowd

20140623-IMG_4186 20140623-IMG_4218