Musee d’Orsay, Paris

Its an old railway station built in 1900’s in Paris, which now has been converted into a art and sculpture museum, boasting the largest collection of impressionist masterpieces.

On my first trip to Paris, I missed visiting this museum. So I made it a point to do so on my second trip last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed some of the impressive life-sized realist paintings. But I was far more intrigued by the building, its history and architecture and also the crowd and surrounding ambience. Here are some photos

The museum was buzzing with people patiently waiting in long queues

20140531-IMG_3766 20140531-IMG_3698 20140531-IMG_3739

I could not comprehend the fact that the interiors were so beautifully designed and built, all for a railway station that saw less than 40 years of service.

20140531-IMG_3707 20140531-IMG_3718
20140531-IMG_3720 20140531-IMG_3732 20140531-IMG_3710 20140531-IMG_3736 20140531-IMG_3712

The view of River Seine was dream like


The way the the museum disappears and the residential buildings begin is just beautiful

20140531-IMG_3743 20140531-IMG_3701