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Glimpses of India

I made a quick trip to home in Hyderabad and then to Bangalore. Every time I go back, what I feel about the country completely changes and this time was no different. Am now very tempted to move back for no good reason than to just experience the country in its raw form. There is disorder and chaos everywhere, and I am yearning to drown my soul in every drop of it.

In a way, the intenseness was similar to my experience in China, except here, I can communicate and find my way around people and their personalities. For now, I am content in capturing moments that provoked this sublime nostalgia.

As soon as I landed, grandma was quite happy to stuff me, my sister and everyone with food.


My last memories of running around the corridors included me being unable to reach the mirror or the clothe hanger/cables.


Couldn’t help notice the light and shadows, that have been casted the exact same way for decades.


I was very amused to see this bag hanging on the gate for the milk-man to drop in the milk packets every morning.


I then headed to Bangalore to meet one of my friends, with whome, inspite of not meeting or talking to for years, we seem to pick things up right where we left, as though it were only yesterday. I wish there were more of them.


The scenery that I would have found boring 5 years back, I found it incredibly captivating.